DĀMOS Database of Mycenaean at Oslo

DAMOS (Database of Mycenaean at Oslo) is an annotated electronic corpus of all the published Mycenaean texts, the earliest (ca. XV-XII B.C.) written evidence of the Greek language, comprised of inscriptions in the Linear B syllabic script.

For numerous documents some notes are given which give information about which editions, or articles, ourtexts are dependent on. They also provide information on other aspects of the texts which have been classified and tagged, like, e.g., textual issues or hand attribution.

When the source of a note (or part of it) is not mentioned, it is intended that they are taken from the standard reference edition of the text. We apologize for any possible omission of a due reference and invite authors and users to let us know about it, in order for us to provide to promptly add the reference.

A first basic bibliography is also suggested for each document for which a reference can be found in the works listed hereunder, which contain anthologies of commented texts (two monographs on the Mycenaean case system, Kasussystem and Local Cases, of special interest for the syntactic annotation of the texts, have also been included). The numbers following the work's name indicate the page of the reference and a "T" after the page number (e.g. "116T") signals a particularly thorough treatment of the text in question. For Docs2 and Handbuch the indications refer to the number assigned to the texts in their anthologies.

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